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Yoog Nutrition

Yoog Nutrition Pvt Ltd serve The Sustha-Pure Food for Healthy Life. We believe in the purity of food to enhance lives.
We accomplish this by manufacturing nutritional product to helps human beings to flourish, supports the healthy development of children and inhabitant, especially in geriatric age by eating pure and healthy as well as respects our planet and future generations.
Sustha nourishes and delights the senses. We aim to, in the most convenient and affordable manner possible, provide healthy and Pure foods.
But times are changing rapidly. And we know that what is pure today will not be pure enough tomorrow. Taking up the challenge of food purity in a responsible and sustainable way, Yoog Nutrition is manufacturing healthy food with nutrients and change in healthy eating to avoid health issues in future.
At Yoga Nutrition, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with nutritious healthy eating solutions to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for all.

Our Vision

At Yoog Nutrition, our vision is to be a global leader in providing high-quality, nutritious, and innovative peanut butter products. We are dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle by offering a diverse range of delicious and wholesome options. By prioritizing quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we aim to inspire healthier eating habits and make a positive impact on the well-being of our customers and communities worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce a diverse range of peanut butter flavors that cater to various dietary needs and preferences. We are committed to using the finest ingredients and maintaining the highest standards of quality to ensure our products deliver exceptional taste and nutrition. At Yoog Nutrition, we strive to inspire healthier eating habits and contribute to the well-being of our customers through our delicious and wholesome offerings.

Our Story

Yoog Nutrition was founded with the belief that healthy food should never compromise on taste. We started our journey by experimenting with different ingredients and flavor combinations to create a range of peanut butter products that are both nutritious and delectable. Our dedication to quality and innovation has helped us grow and earn the trust of our customers.

Our Values


We prioritize the highest standards of quality in every jar of peanut butter we produce.


We continually explore new flavors and ingredients to bring you exciting and nutritious options.


We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through our nutrient-rich products.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to exceed their expectations with every product.